OLTGROUP PVC is one of the leading processors of PVC in Romania, providing the products, solutions in the field of sewage and drainage systems and competitive products for manufacturers of cables, hoses and soles for shoes. The company has invested in recent years in upgrading old and new manufacturing lines that have diversified and improved both range for sewerage systems, and granular range.

SC OLTGROUP PVC SRL activity recorded throughout its existence an continuous evolution, characterized by:
        DIVERSIFICATION PRODUCTS RANGE: if at the beginning of business the company manufactures a small range of PVC granules, today the production activity of SC OLTGROUP PVC SRL includes two main groups of finished products with a multitude of applications and screenings:
  • PVC granules: plasticized granules (for household electrical products: insulation, sheath and fillers) for the production of hose, for the production of shoes, etc..) rigid granules (for production of fittings, paneling, gutters, etc.)
  • PVC pipes: tube for drainage, sewerage and electrical protection

OLTGROUP, its products address both domestic markets and foreign ones, both for major retail and consumers for all categories of products, PVC granules, PVC pipe and PVC pipe.
At this point OLTGROUP products are approved to all manufacturers of electric cables to all users drainage systems, sewerage and electrical protection and at manufacturers of shoes and hose.

Management policy of the company: the company efforts to transfer technology and know-how, were made to conclude and develop business partnerships viable and offer the best solutions and competitive internal and external customers.

The company's mission is that through proactivity and opening to create a healthy and consitent business.
Vision and values ​​of the company are: through performance and quality to become an important company for the client .